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If your matter involves a business organization that You own or if You are authorized to handle the matter on its behalf, enter the business organization name and state where registered below.

Describe your dispute in as much detail as possible, including calendar dates of when the problem first arose and in what location or locations (city and state).  Include details of your discussions with the opposing party, if any, in an attempt to resolve the dispute. Provide the names and titles of all persons with whom You spoke or exchanged documents.  Describe any offers You have made to the opposing party to settle and if You have rejected any settlement offers, explain why.  Please explain if any mediation or arbitration has taken place and current status.  State the relief You want (for example, return of purchase price, repair of replacement of a defective product, cease and desist, etc.).

Please email relevant documents such as receipts, contract documents, emails and other correspondence (preferably in a zip file) to customerservice@sendalegalletter.com All document copies received will be kept in the strictest confidence and destroyed if not used to transact business with You.

If the other party is a business organization and it has an agent for service of process, we recommend addressing the letter to the agent as well as the company.  If You want Send a Legal Letter to do so, please indicate here.  We will research the agent’s contact information at no additional charge, provided that You entered above the state in which the business organization is registered as a domestic entity. 

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