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Does Send A Legal Letter Have Samples?

YES!  Send a Legal Letter is more than pleased to provide you with samples of our work.  Here are sample letters dealing with different matters – a real estate dispute involving ownership of and rights to use a private road; a claim against a non-profit entity for copyright infringement; and an employment/contracts matter.  Names and other identifying information have been deleted or edited to maintain confidentiality, but each is a real-life situation.  These letters show that every situation is unique - template letters available for free or minimal cost on the internet may not be suitable.  


The real estate dispute, involving ownership of and rights to a private road was initiated by a neighbor who engaged an attorney to send correspondence to our client.  The attorney's letter erroneously asserted that the client was illegally attempting to gain ownership of a portion of the road by a legal doctrine known as adverse possession.  Detailed research demonstrated that the neighbor had no rights to the road and accordingly, no grounds to contest the client's ownership and use of the road by operation of a state statute.  The assertions and threats in the attorney’s letter were effectively repelled. 



A competing non-profit entity accused our client, a non-profit advocacy organization with copyright infringement, demanding damages of $25,000.  Research of public copyright records did not show any copyright.  In addition, our response letter asked specific questions about damages suffered, but the other party was unable to demonstrate any. 


In the employment/contracts matter, an employer reimbursed tuition to our client in connection with courses taken toward a master’s degree.  Our client resigned his position to take a position at another company and the employer demanded repayment with interest of all reimbursed amounts based on its written policy.  However, its written policy, submitted reimbursement forms and verbal statements were inconsistent. The only reasonable interpretation was that only a pro-rated amount would be due.  Our letter captured the company's attention and it agreed that the amount to be paid back by our client would be approximately 10% of the demand and excluding any interest.        


 Sample Letters

Copyright Infringement

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Reimbursement Dispute

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Real Estate Dispute  Sample Letter